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Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

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How EWOC Sets Its Fees

EWOC is a "501(c)3" non-profit organization. That means that any money the club collects must be spent to further its educational purposes as set forth in its bylaws.

What We Charge

Fees for EWOC events are based on the maps used. Small groups doing the course together with a single map pay the same rate as an individual.
Main Course
Novice Course

Second Map for a Family
Large Map (Riverside or Fishtrap)
$1 more
$1 more

Annual Membership: $10 for an individual, $15 for a family

Newsletter Subscription by mail: $5
Results and Schedule by email: Free

Where The Money Goes

• Permits
o Every park or landowner charges us between $10 and $100 per event day in permit fees
• Liability Insurance (required by landowners and parks)
  o $1.00 from every “start” (individual or group participant) goes to Orienteering USA, through whom we get our insurance
  o $3.50 per individual membership and $7.00 per family membership also goes to Orienteering USA
• Map printing
  o $.50-$1.00 each per color map
  o additional maps used by course-setters, master maps etc.
  o control cards, map cases and other miscellaneous supplies
• Map development
  o $2000-$3000 per mapped area for professional prep work (aerial photographs and contour analysis etc.)
  o (Virtually all the rest is accomplished by hundreds of hours of volunteer effort)
• Miscellaneous expenses
  o website and email hosting
  o PO Box etc.
  o state incorporation fees etc.

How do I know if it is time to renew my EWOC membership?

Secretary/Treasurer John Beck occasionally sends a paper, snail-mail version of the newsletter to every recent participant's home, regardless of their subscription or membership status.

The expiration date of your membership/subscription is shown to the right of your name on the address label. The first letter indicates the type of membership -

"M" for individual members,
"F" for family members and
"N" for non-member newsletter subscriptions.

The second letter indicates how you receive the newsletter -
"E" for e-mail only and
"N" for newsletter by U.S. mail.

The numbers indicate the month and year in which your membership or subscription will expire.

If you are not now a member, consider joining. Membership benefits include reduced fees at local events. A one-year subscription to this newsletter, with or without membership, may be obtained for $5 per year. E-mail newsletter subscriptions are free.

Forms and information about benefits of membership in EWOC and the United States Orienteering Federation are available on our "Join" page.

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