Some of the events on this page are hosted by us and some of them are hosted by other clubs in the region.

See our FAQ page regarding when to show up when there is a range of time such as “10-noon.”

Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

June 25

Register starting at 11:00am

RSVP by Liberte

“Goat and Kid” at Fishtrap Lake, Washington

Once again, John Harbuck will camp out by Fishtrap setting out dozens of controls for another set of goats. In orienteering terms, a “goat” is a long-distance event that usually has special rules, such as permission to skip one control of the competitor’s choosing.
You can register onsite, but please send us an Liberte in advance, letting us know what courses you think you’re going to do so we can try to print out an appropriate number of pre-marked maps. If you’d prefer, for some reason you can use snail mail to EWOC, P O Box 944, Spokane, WA 99210.
Fish trap Lake is about half an hour west of Spokane. Take Exit 254 off I-90 and travel on Old State Highway for about 3.5 miles. Follow the orienteering signs to the Farmer's Landing parking area.
Map info and directions to the start

The Goat

The full-fledged goat will be about 17km long and have a 5-hour time limit. The mass start is at noon and you can register starting at 11:00am. Note that there will be a 0.7km walk from the parking area to the start.
Start fee: $15

The “Kid”

Not quite a goat, the “kid” event will be about 9km in distance with a 3-hour time limit. The mass start for the kid will be at 12:15pm. Register onsite starting at 11:00am. Note that there will be a 0.7km walk from the parking area to the start.
Start fee: $15

The “Zy-goat”

The zy-goat will be one more step down from the goat, at an estimated 5km. There will be be a 3-hour time limit after the mass start at 12:15pm. Registration will start onsite at 11:00am. Note that there will be a 0.7km walk from the parking area to the start.
Start fee: $15

June 26
Courses close at 2:30pm

RSVP by Liberte

B Meet at Riverside State Park, Camp Seven Mile

John Beck will design the four courses for this B meet. Camp Seven Mile, northwest of Spokane, was where the Civilian Conservation Corps set up camp while they built the swinging bridge, rock walls and buildings we see in Riverside State Park still today.
We would appreciate it if you could let us know before Wednesday, June 22 what course you think you’ll do so we can print off the right number of pre-marked maps. Send your RSVP to John Beck by Liberte or send snail mail to EWOC, P O Box 944, Spokane, WA 99210.
We will be using old-fashioned punch cards, not electronic punching, so you won’t need a Sportident stick.
Parking in Riverside State Park requires that you display a Discover Pass. You can buy an annual or day pass online and help Washington State pay for the maintenance of the recreational property we enjoy using.
To get to Camp Seven Mile, get to Nine Mile Road heading northwest out of Spokane. Turn left on Seven Mile Road. Take the first left after you cross the river. Follow our sandwich board signs to the parking area.
Map info and directions to the start

White Course

This course will be less than 3km and well-suited to beginners.
Start fee: $7.00

Orange Course

The orange course will be of intermediate difficulty and 3-5km in length.
Start fee: $9.00

Green Course

The green course will suit more experienced orienteers and and be 5-6km long.
Start fee: $12.00

Red Course

The red course is also for experienced orienteers and will be about 6-7km in length.
Start fee: $12.00

June 29-July 4

Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival

The Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival will take place in Laramie, Wyoming, hosted by Laramie Range and Rocky Mountain Orienteering Clubs. The first three days will be the Laramie Daze events. The next three days will be the Western State Championships, a national ranking event. Courses will be classic distance and take place in the Medicine Bow National Forest. For more information and/or to register go to the festival website.

July 23-August 1

Register online

Icefields Parkway Orienteering Festival, Alberta

This nine day event will begin near Jasper, move through Jasper National Park, and end up in Banff National Park. You can’t get any more scenic than that! The Canadian and Western Canadian Championships will be a part of this, too. You can learn more at the official website.

September 17
Register for classes online

Event registration/starts 11:00-1:00

National Orienteering Day — Finch Arboretum, Spokane

(Location Change)
Every year EWOC celebrates National Orienteering Day by offering classes that teach people how to enjoy the sport and navigate using a map. You can register through Spokane Parks and Recreation for the morning class, the afternoon class, or both. The orienteering event sandwiched between the classes is open to anyone at regular start fees, but is free to class members.
Map info and directions to the start

Introduction To Orienteering Class

Professor John Beck will introduce students to the sport of orienteering and general map-reading. By the end of class you’ll understand how to use a compass in conjunction with your map to “stay found.” The orienteering event immediately afterward gives you an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned on a real course, and the cost of that is included in the class.
Register through Spokane Parks and Rec.

Orienteering Event in Finch Arboretum

The club event in between the two classes will be open to everyone. Finch Arboretum is a beautiful setting with diverse terrain – from park-like fields with streams, to thick woods and hillsides. People attending either of the classes today can participate in this event at no additional cost as an opportunity to practice their skills. Anyone else who wants to run a course can do so at the regular start fees.

Orienteering Skills Class

This class picks up where the morning class leaves off, but if you already know how to transfer a compass bearing from a map to the real world you might choose to start here. Professor Beck will additionally show students some of the skills that orienteers use to navigate courses more quickly and surely. Some of the topics covered include distance estimation on the run, rapid map orientation using the compass, and tricks to making the best route choices. Be sure to show up for the orienteering event beforehand, which is included in the cost of the class.
Register online through Spokane Parks and Rec.

October 8

Register/start 10-noon

Riverside State Park at the Bowl and Pitcher

For this event we’ll meet near the west end of the suspension bridge in the bowl and pitcher area of Riverside State Park. A huge pair of basalt outcroppings give this scenic area its name. You’ll have to have a Discoverpass for parking, which is the major way Washington State funds the upkeep on these great recreational areas. You can buy an annual or day pass online and print out a temporary pass at home.
Map info and directions to the start

October 22

Register at 6:00 pm
mass start at 6:30 pm

Vampire Orienteering at Manito Park

This will be the ninth year for the popular Vampire-O Halloween-themed night event. Bring a headlamp for everyone in your group because you’ll be looking for reflective control markers. Controls will be assigned a point value based on how far they are from the start and how hard they are to navigate to. Plan a route so you can find as many points as possible within the 60-minute time limit. One more thing: one among you will be a vampire. If he or she shines their red light on you, you’ll lose points and take over as the vampire. This is a fun event for families. Costumes are encouraged.
Map info and directions to the start

November 5

Meeting at 10:00
Register/start 11:00-noon

Saint Georges School Meeting and Final Event of the Year

The beautiful campus of Saint Georges School and the surrounding hills are the venue for our last event of the year. First, we’ll meet inside to discuss what we’d like to do in 2017. Any club member can attend the meeting and give input. We’re so anxious to hear from you, in fact, that if you come for the meeting we’ll waive your start fees for the event afterwards! This is a great chance to shape the coming orienteering year. The event itself will start right after the meeting at about 11:00.
Map info and directions to the start