Some of the events on this page are hosted by us and some of them are hosted by other clubs in the region.

See our FAQ page regarding when to show up when there is a range of time such as “10-noon.”

Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

Changes To All Events Within Spokane

We have been forced to cancel all events previously scheduled to take place within Spokane city limits. In fact, we expect that our 2017 schedule will not make use of our maps of Manito Park, Lincoln Park, Gonzaga University, Camp Sekani, or Finch Arboretum. The City of Spokane's permit process and fee structure has gotten to a point that we cannot justify the time or expense. We do not want to raise our start fees to unreasonable levels, and as volunteer club officers, we only have so many hours to devote to filling out forms. Below is an abbreviated list of what the City of Spokane requires if the twenty or so of us want to get together in a city park:
Pay $25 to the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department
Show proof of insurance covering up to $2,000,000 of liability.
New rule: Secure a "business license" — even though we're a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. The cost is $56 per year, plus $19 to the state initially.
Rather than deal with Parks and Rec directly, we now have to pay a $50 "Special Event Fee" to city hall to begin the permit process for every single event.
EWOC has been following the rules, securing permits, and paying fees to The City for almost 30 years. We are sorry to lose the venues, but unless and until the City cuts back some of the expenses and bureaucracy, we have no choice but to move to more hospitable places. If you are disappointed that it is has become too complicated and expensive for our little map and compass club to meet in public parks, please express your concerns on the City's "Ask The Mayor" page — especially if you live within city limits. Thank you for your understanding as we struggle through the adjustments we need to make.

The Revised Schedule

October 22

Register at 6:00 pm
mass start at 6:30 pm

Vampire Orienteering at Mirabeau Park, Spokane Valley

Location Change

This will be the ninth year for the popular Vampire-O Halloween-themed night event, but the first time it'll be held at Mirabeau Park. (See the article at the top of this page for an explanation.) Bring a headlamp for everyone in your group because you’ll be looking for reflective control markers. Controls will be assigned a point value based on how far they are from the start and how hard they are to navigate to. Plan a route so you can find as many points as possible within the 60-minute time limit. One more thing: one among you will be a vampire. If he or she shines their red light on you, you’ll lose points and take over as the vampire. This is a fun event for families. Costumes are encouraged.
Map info and directions to the start

November 12 Saturday

Meeting at 10:00
Register/start 11:00-noon

Saint Georges School Meeting and Final Event of the Year

The beautiful campus of Saint Georges School and the surrounding hills are the venue for our last event of the year. First, we’ll meet inside to discuss what we’d like to do in 2017. Any club member can attend the meeting and give input. We’re so anxious to hear from you, in fact, that if you come for the meeting we’ll waive your start fees for the event afterwards! This is a great chance to shape the coming orienteering year. The event itself will start right after the meeting at about 11:00.
Map info and directions to the start