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Eastern Washington Orienteering Club

Have you heard of orienteering?

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Orienteering is a sport in which people race across complicated terrain, using a map to find specific control points. If you found this page through a QR code, you probably came across one of our control point markers, which look like flags or kites. When competitors find those markers they use a device attached to it to "punch in." This records a pin code in a piece of paper or data on an electronic device on their finger. Officials keep track of the time it takes each person to find all of the control markers on their course, in the correct order.
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Interested in giving orienteering a try?

Eastern Washington Orienteering Club holds events in parks around the Spokane area. At every event we have courses designed to fit everyone's skill level. See our walk-through pages to learn the basics of reading a map and using a compass with it. Our main page lists our upcoming events. See you soon!